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Fairy Dust


Science-fiction/Fantasy comics:

Schlock Mercenary A company of space mercenaries fight for money and/or their own ass in a hard sci-fi setting.
Girl Genius Following the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne through a steampunk world of mad science and political intrigue.
What Birds Know Three young women going on a hike find a passage to a strange other world, whose deadly traps hint of a dark history.
Elf Generally a parody of the fantasy genre, although the beautiful art and occasional serious storylines will satisfy the serious reader.
Draginbeard Jolly Draginbeard returns home after ten years trapped into a parallel universe, only to find the world changed and his home ravaged.
The Property of Hate A small child is taken to a world where concepts take life, to fulfill her undefined role as "a hero".
Sandbox Drama The anthropomorphic contents of a sandbox go through their own little lives, perils, and romances.
Demon Eater On a world where everything is living, creatures have nothing but each others to eat, and must grow stronger and more cunning to survive.
Imp Imps serve witches. That's why they're born, and that's about all people see in them. Can an imp know anything but abuse and misery?
Angry Faerie The angriest fairy, and a complicated world where fairies, elves, gods and others bicker like tragically overpowered five years olds.
Parasite Galaxy Matt thought he would have an ordinary life, until he meets Hebiko, a delinquent magical girl who introduces him to a world of confusion and violence.

Spinoff/Gaming comics:

Order of the Stick A parody of Dungeons and Dragons that turned into an epic quest to save the world.
Alignment Goredamn wants to be more than a Boss, he wants to become the Dungeon Master! But how to get power in a world where heroics aren't for monsters and bad guys?
Yet Another Gaming Comic A dark and naughty comedy starring the Monster Manual's usually evil side, mostly.
Rusty and Co. An adventuring party of adorable monsters and their unspeakable shenanigans.


SMBC Jokes on science, philosphy, culture, and anything the author was thinking about that day.
XKCD Jokes on science, computers, and generally nerdy stuff.
Chainsaw Suit A bloggy comic that often revolves around news and culture.
Cyanide and Happyness Generally dark humour with occasionnal social commentary.
Scandinavia and the World Cartoony impersonations of countries replay world news and national stereotypes.
Whomp The life of a pessimistic cartoonist.


Questionable Content Following the everyday life of young adults as they sort their messed up selves out. Humour and drama, sometimes at the same time.
Dongaria Making fun of mainstream comic book's ridiculous sexualisation of characters by taking it to an absurd pornographic level. Nonsensical plots and oversized genitals in abundance.


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