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Fairy Dust


Downloads, sketches, and any other extra material related to this comic I'll happen to think about.

Nudes Some I drew just because, and some on request, with varying degrees of artfulness.
- Jonh Jensen flaunting what nature gave him. For all your huge fuzzy troll needs!
- Mario. Fairy Dust's gnomes stay true to garden gnomes' historical origin... representations of the male fertility god Priapus.
- Leof and Deore The male/female fanservice being unbalanced, I dropped in some gay female orcs cuddling.
- Weg fighting a bear naked, because why make sense?

Didn't have enough yet? Check out the fanart page, those guys have a dirtier mind than I do! Fanart

Filler Filler art doesn't belong in the archive, but you can always find it here!
- Sailormoon! Secondary characters dressed like Sailor scouts (May 2014)
- Rejected ad I needed to produce an ad, but I lacked inspiration, and eventually, that happened. (January 2015)

Extra stories! Extra stories
First story posted in July 2013, as a special for page 200, more to come!

Image rendered from the 3-D model. Troll
November 2012, 8.33Mb
Opens with Blender
I don't do 3-D animation, so the rigging might not be adapted to natural movements. Furthermore, this was the first time I made an UV map, and despite spending many hours on it, the seams still show. However, you can modify this model as you like, and use it for any purpose it may turn out to be useful in. All I ask is that if you improve the rigging or texture, you send me the modified version.



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