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Fairy Dust

Page: 93- Nap

Posted on 7th Nov 2012, 12:10 AM

93- Nap
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Author's notes
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7th Nov 2012, 12:10 AM


You can probably guess one problem they have with children in this world. With all the different sized races, children can be strong enough to cause serious injuries before being mature enough to avoid it.

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7th Nov 2012, 12:13 AM


Crap crap crap I uploaded the wrong page! Disregard this people, disregard, while I go fix it!!

Edit: It's fixed now!

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7th Nov 2012, 12:55 AM


Oh my...o.o

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7th Nov 2012, 2:03 AM


This has been a week for messing up pages, did something similar yesterday lol

But awww, very cute Ionas trying to be an over-stuffed teddy bear kind of way!

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7th Nov 2012, 5:45 AM


Who needs heated blankets when you have a troll kid?

Ehhh. I'll stick with my blankets instead XD

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7th Nov 2012, 7:47 PM


Mano: I... I'm never sure what your comments mean...

Dragin: Yeah, he felt sorry for making his uncle go away and leaving her aaaaaaall alone!

Chase: It's a though choice! On one hand, a young troll can defend you against most intruders. On the other hand, a heated blanket is unlikely to drool in your face or fart in its sleep.

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9th Nov 2012, 12:13 AM


Antlers and platforms?
He is a fashionista.

Aw I'd snuggle with a little troll kid. But he'd probably crush my ribs. xD;;;

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9th Nov 2012, 8:08 PM


That's why you want to snuggle with a big troll man instead. He'd already know about flimsy human bones and avoid crushing anything! :D

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Rating: 5, with 4 votes
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