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Fairy Dust

Page: 327- Punishment

Posted on 23rd Nov 2014, 1:58 AM

327- Punishment
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Author's notes
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23rd Nov 2014, 1:58 AM


Social interactions are always simplified in fiction. Especially in a comic, where a minute's dialogue would fill several pages.
Sex is no exception, and there's no way playing up a past offense as a setup for a BDSM scenario with a stranger would work in such a short exchange. John is obviously consenting, ordering her not to be stopped is as clear as it can get, but he hasn't made it clear at the moment she grabs him. In the context of the story, the reader can guess John is happy with it, but real life doesn't have an omniscient point of view.

One would think it's unnecessary to tell adults not to take fiction as a permission to imitate what they see in it and expect it to end well, but from what I've seen in other parts of the internet, some people need disclaimers like that.

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23rd Nov 2014, 4:15 AM


That's ALOT of chest hair

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23rd Nov 2014, 4:16 AM


Even for a troll, John is fuzzier than average!

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23rd Nov 2014, 10:13 AM


Actually Dodom, the way you wrote this, it was quite obvious they were being playful from when they began their conversation. The nuance of your subtext is spot on. The sexual tension is present without the ugliness of it being against anyone's will.

Well done!

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24th Nov 2014, 5:12 AM



But better safe than sorry, you know the saying!

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25th Nov 2014, 5:21 AM


LOL what characters!

You do a really good job depicting relationships.

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25th Nov 2014, 8:11 AM


Ah thank you!
While I don't like to write too wordy pages, one thing I like about character development scenes is that they allow to work on expressions, postures and habits and really see how those characters "feel".

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Rating: 5, with 2 votes
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