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Fairy Dust

Page: 326- Offence

Posted on 19th Nov 2014, 3:07 AM

326- Offence
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Author's notes
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19th Nov 2014, 3:07 AM


One thing I regret in my comic is how my early designs were unoriginal. So Jean-Marie's sister and aunt look alike, and though there are differences that are obvious to me, I know a casual reader won't know them that well and might end up confusing them. The one with the filthy appartment is the aunt, not the same person.

For those who haven't read the whole archive, what she says is what happened months before. Little sister (all part-fairies look youngish but she's not that little - and even if she was, John had never met her so he wouldn't know) eventually got bored enough to seek John out and let him know what he told her brother was insulting!

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19th Nov 2014, 3:41 AM


They make a cute couple. But, I don't know how it's going to work.

Also, I am ashamed to say that I was one of the ones that got them mixed up. Probably more due to my lack of attention, and less to do with anything you did.

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19th Nov 2014, 4:23 AM


I expect most readers to come to casually enjoy a new page every other day, not study the archive and return every time a confusing detail happens, so I try to write accordingly. When something is as easy to mix up as that, I'm not satisfied with myself. Oh I won't bash my head on the wall for it, but I could have done better.

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19th Nov 2014, 4:55 AM


I think this happens to us all.

So many little (and big) things we could have done better when we look back, but at the time, it was the best we could do. And that is the important part.

You do really good work. You go in for lots of details, and have plenty of memorable characters in your cast.

I'll definitely stick around to see where you take these characters.

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19th Nov 2014, 10:11 AM


Thanks, it's always motivating to have encouraging comments like yours! :D

As I said above, I'm not going to bash myself for the flaws I see in my comic, but there are still times where they will hurt my eyes!

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Rating: 5, with 1 votes
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