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Fairy Dust


Leprechaun Island

An island where a colony of Fairies live in peace and simplicity. They build nests in the Leprechauns' fields, eat their grain and turn to them if they need anything more. Life there is more difficult to Trolls, whose few surviving families live poorly in the mountain and launch attacks against the Humans, that they blame for their misfortune. The Leprechauns maintain a small community, take care of the Fairies and most importantly collect their dust, which the Humans will take in exchange for what commodities the island can't produce.


A half Troll child born among the Fairies has many questions on her origin... but at the age of six, life has so many more interesting adventures to waste time on it! What kind of man is her father? Will she need his help? Does her existence threaten the island? Fortunately, it's adults' job to worry about all that.

Corbel :

Myces's best friend, a playful and slightly overwhelming little boy. It's not that he fears nothing, but he never lets fear – or common sense – tell him what to do.

Aster :

Myces's mother. A well meaning Fairy, that doesn't always know the best course of action. She finds her mixed breed daughter ugly and hopes to shield her from finding that out, making the whole thing worse.

Pekka :

An old Leprechaun that would like to retire. The Amicale, his employer, isn't ready to grand him his wish. Pekka knew what he was getting into, but gold drove him to ignore the price he was paying too many years to go back. He grew attached to Myces and sees her like his own granddaughter. Pekka worries about the fights between Trolls and Humans and sometimes attempts to break them up, and fears before all that the Amicale could find Myces.

Kab :

Myces's father, who doesn't know about her existence. He sometimes meets Pekka, but never walked by at a time he could have recognised his daughter's track near his house.

Seppo :

Doctor Seppo isn't complaining about working for the Amicale : it's easy gold, a pretty house, a guaranteed job. He's the island's doctor and does some small time medicine trafficking on the sideline. He's not much into tradition and dresses in Western fashion.

The Amicale

The Amicale of Free Shopkeepers began its life as a trade union, but turned to organised crime when new laws threatened apothicaries' supply in recreationa drugs. The Amicale is family business : its leaders belong to an old well established family and don't hesitate to recruit their least promising children as henchmen. Very conservative, the Amicale doesn't like to see non human creatures being welcomed as equals in the city, but despite its racism, it's okay with hiring them when it needs specialised cannonfodder.

Jean-Marie DePinte :

A slightly perturbed young man, human supremacist despite his Fairy ancestors, capable of empathy but preferring to pretend not to be. He's proud of his work ethics, his family and its reputation. He works as a docker, but accepts missions for the Amicale to prove his worth to his family, despite only being picked for unnecessarily dangerous missions, where no one valuable would be sent.

Maria DePinte :

Jean-Marie's young aunt also recruited for suicide missions. She often forgets important events, or just looks at them pass by without seeming to care, which makes her swing between cruelty and pathos. Her own life isn't in good order and, without admitting it openly, she knows it.

Katie DePinte :

Jean-Marie's sister, who took her distances from the family. She wants to convince her brother not to let himself be exploited by people who don't respect him, but since she only works part time herself and is involved in a “scene” subculture, he doesn't trust her to know how life works either.

Fairy Island

This island is peopled with Fairies on the low lands and lesser Elves on the peaks. The land is overpopulated and Fairies are regularly at war, getting rid of their own wounded by exiling them to the cannibal Elves' land. Two marooned Trolls disturbs their already shaky political balance, each faction wishing to make use of their formidable strength, while they themselves want nothing more than go home.

Liroj :

Liroj is a great manly Troll, and very aware of this fact. Despite his grouchy exterior, he has good social senses and is adept at guessing people's motivations enough to deal with fairies without getting fooled too often. However, he has little skills at manual labour and Bot often finds him useless.

Bot :

Bot is smaller than Liroj and considers himself very cute. His temperament is both optimistic and shifting. Bot knows how to make everyday objects, find food and plan for the next season. However, he is naive in his social interactions with others and Liroj often finds him useless.

Peonio :

Peonio was exiled from his tribe after losing a leg in a seagull attack, and was accepted back in after finding the Trolls and gaining their trust. This situation is precarious: if the Trolls happened to leave, he would be rejected again! He prefers to lie, bargain and plot rather than humiliating himself asking for help.

Syren :

A Fairy given to Bot as wife to incite him to stay on the Island. She tries to cooperate with the Trolls, but is exasperated by their naiveté.

Boyr :

A Fairy given to Liroj as wife to incite him to stay on the Island. She isn't seen speaking to the Trolls too often, but she's not intimidated by the allied Elves.

Liroj :

A baby dragon Bot adopted and named after his companion. He is useful to start fires quickly, but is firstly a pet.


A great port city of Eduria, Rieville is a modern, cosmopolitan metropolis. People from every region and every species live there, though humans are a majority. Just like every large city, it has its problems, but life there usually comes with the comfort of civilisation.

John Jensen :

John Jensen is a big jerk. An extremist of hedonism, he refuses to take on any responsibility and doesn't like people around him to act any other way. His reputation of a fun guy makes him popular with women, but if he finds an occasion to have fun he'll do it with anybody. He works in landscaping but tries to become a guide, because he gets along well with tourists.

Kristie Jensen :

Owner of an inn in the port neighbourhood. Her business includes two hotel rooms, a snack bar, and an access to her appartment, which she leaves open to keep an eye on her son Ionas. Her brother John and her husband Thomas often take their friends to her snack bar.

Thomas Creighton :

Anthropologist and unionist who works for the University of Rieville. His research team studies the Helly Archipellago. He often arranges meetings in Kristie's snack bar to be near his wife and son.

Julie Fergusson :

Archeologist by training, she studies the technology it the Archipellago's peoples. Her manners are rather rude and her humour caustic.

Icarus :

A rather introverted linguist that poorly tolerates being out in public without a little alcohol to dampen stage fright. He's great at maneuvering paperwork and the team counts on him to secure its budget.

Daniel :

Security specialist. He organises his team's diplomacy and defense during expeditions. Agoraphobic, he travels in a box carried by his colleagues.

Gary :

Statistician. He doesn't have to participate to expeditions to do his job, but he's on board if the budget allows it. He's an optimistic extrovert with liberal opinions.

Mario :

Kristie's employee. His job title is officially janitor, but a lot of his actual work is to call his boss back into order.

Patric Zagros :

Flying lawyer. He flies after criminals and offers them his business card before the police catches them.

Leothclif :

Leothclif is the name of a reservation spreading at the Wst of Rieville, named after the largest recorded village on its territory. Nations of Orcs, Goblins, Elves and others who refused to integrate the Edurian Federation are allowed to live there following their own customs, at certain conditions... Its population is thought to exceed a hundred thousand individuals, but fragmented along race and tribe. If groups of more than two hundred weren't so rare, Rieville might not find the Leothclif reservation so harmless and quaint...

The village of Leothclif is located at the foot of a chalk cliff, near a small lake surrounded by forest. Leothclif grows a lot of crops for an Orc village, maintains drinkable water basins and produces quicklime for trade. It's rich enough not to suffer from a few years under a poor leader's hand.

Ellen of Wulfhol :

Initially the wife or Leothclif's leader and his best adviser, Ellen quickly becomes his enemy. After he drugged and mutilated her, she must find her new place despite her handicap, and if she can take her life back, what's stopping her from taking the world next?

Þrym of Leothclif :

Chief of village of Leothclif, husband and enemy of Ellen. Even if he has twenty other wives, he won't let her be, her resistance humiliates him. He lacks intelligence and tries to secure his authority by being feared. His allies believe his rule is nothing but a specially painful suicide method.

Gefera :

Better known under the nickname of Toad, Gefera is both without fear and without courage. He doesn't hesitate to sacrifice himself for his chief, but doesn't dare disobeying an order he knows to be harmful. He admires human made objects and acquires their clothes every time he finds some at his size. H's very strong and not too stupid, some would rather manipulate him to use against his master...

Egesa :

Ellen's best friend. She means well but isn't bright: she's good moral support, but when it comes to really helping, she doesn't always understand what she should be doing!

Glaesfeld :

A modest village at a few hours' walk from Rieville. It was once powerful, but was driven away from its ancestral land by famine and had to rebuild itself in a little corner of forest taken from a weaker nation. Without great advantages, Glaesfeld lives off alliances with stronger clans.

Weg of Glaesfeld :

Glaesfeld's leader, given to a quiet ambition. He wants to get the humans' power, without worrying them too much... at least until it's too late! Weg clumsily attempts to seduce his other wives, but only really loves Magen.

Magen of Gledbeam :

A mediocre woman. Not strong nor weak, not bright nor dumb, not skilled nor helpless. But she does her part in the village and loves Weg in her childish way.

Miht of Leothclif :

Daughter or Ellen sold to Weg by Þrym to punish her mother. She share her mother's cunning and ambition and sees herself ruling over the whole reservation already. Weg teaches her the art of power, but at her age, one doesn't apply them wisely...

Weald of Leothclif :

Ellen's second daughter sold in the same conditions as Miht. She switches from her usual mild manners to sudden explosions of violence without warning. Skilled at pickpocketing, it's with their own weapon she stabs those who would frighten her.

Hyrde of Glaesfeld :

Son of Weg who follows Ellen's daughters in their adventures. He prefers to discover where they'll take him than take the lead himself, which leaves the adults unimpressed.

Hyht of Leothclif :

First inhabitant of Glaesfeld to learn to read, he teaches his art to the children who will listen. Deciphering human documents for Weg is a precious service, but he prefers reading for the pleasure of it.

Leof :

A witch who can treat many injuries and illnesses. Wounded at the head many years before, she can't make physical efforts without fainting. She dresses in a bad imitation of elvish fashion.


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